Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Tincture

Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Tincture

With more and more states legalizing cannabis throughout the country, there’s been a considerable uptick in the variety of people using cannabis and marijuana products regularly. Recent research shows that at least one in 7 adults use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

If you’re interested in using cannabis but don’t specifically want to try smoking or vaping it, a cannabis tincture is a great option. Never heard of cannabis tinctures before? Keep reading for more information about them, their benefits, and how to use them to see the best results.

What is a Cannabis Tincture?

A cannabis tincture is a type of cannabis extracted with an alcohol base. They were when the main kind of cannabis medicine went up until laws transformed and cannabis distribution became illegal. Now that states have started to legalize cannabis again, tinctures have rebounded. People can use tinctures for recreational and medicinal purposes, yet they’re most popular amongst those looking for solutions for specific medical conditions.

How are Cannabis Tinctures Made?

The process of making a cannabis tincture involves soaking cannabis flowers in alcohol. Some individuals also use fallen leaf trim, kief, or hash as opposed to cannabis flowers.

Soaking the plant substance in alcohol essences terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. When the plant substance is removed, what’s left is a liquid that contains high levels of these useful plant substances.

Alcohol helps to keep the compounds, also, ensuring that they stay reliable for as long as possible.

Cannabis Tincture Conveniences

There are lots of benefits that include using cannabis tinctures over different other forms of cannabis. Some of their biggest benefits consist of the following:

Faster Effects

When you consume cannabis tinctures in the standard way, you’ll experience effects quickly.

When you place the tincture under your tongue, it’s absorbed into your bloodstream right now. The same holds when you smoke or vape cannabis.

For those who are depending on cannabis to help them with nausea, serious discomfort, or other disease, tinctures are a highly effective administration approach.

Long Shelf Life

Cannabis tinctures have a long shelf-life, as well. This is due to their alcohol base, which helps to protect the plant substances and ensures they stay effective for a long time. When a cannabis tincture is stored properly, it can last for several years.


Cannabis tinctures are a discrete alternative for those who wish to consume cannabis however don’t always desire every person to understand it.

There’s no sticking around smell related to them, and it’s easy to place a few drops under your tongue when you require alleviation without people seeing.

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