The Differences between Concentrates and Distillate

The Differences between Concentrates and Distillate

Marijuana is a substance that has lots of different types and sub-types, so is common to get lost in this world when you’re a newbie. One of the most confusing things about it is the difference between concentrates and distillate.

A concentrate – or a cannabis concentrate – is a cannabis extract that “concentrates” high levels of cannabinoids (it can concentrate up to 85% THC) and terpenes. This cannabis extract is usually made with the help of solvents, but some are not, like hash rosin. The solvents used are propane, butane, CO2, or ethanol. They are removed from the extract afterward.

Most products made from cannabis are concentrates, and they can be smoked, vaped, or used as an ingredient. They have a great diversity of colors and textures as well. These are the most famous types of cannabis concentrate: sauce, moonrocks, shatter, crumble, and rosin.

Besides the concentrates, you have the distillates products, that are made through refining meticulously the plant material to remove undesired compounds. This way of extraction makes the final product very potent. However, the terpenes are also taken out with this process. But some processors add terpenes chemically afterward to enhance flavors. Yet, it is not known if these added terpenes have the same therapeutic benefits that the “natural” ones.

The thing about distillate is that this extraction process isolates a specific compound from the source material, such as THC and CBD. The result is a viscous liquid distillate that can be used in oils, edibles, pills, vaporizers, tinctures, topicals, etc. Because of this isolation of a specific compound, it is typically flavorless and aromaless, which allows the producer to add some flavor or aroma to it.

Nowadays, is easier to find a secure place to order concentrates or distillates. Marijuana being legalized allows the government to help the consumer by establishing rules in order to make the products safer and healthier. If you’re looking for a secure mail order marijuana (MoM) dispensary where you can order concentrates or distillate, I highly recommend the Salish Trails MoM Dispensary. On this website, you’re helping the Indigenous people while buying your cannabis extract, and you even get to receive a free sample.

This dispensary respects and values the Indigenous people in Canada. They have Indigenous employees in the processes of growing the plant, quality control, packing, and shipping the product. Also, 10% of your contribution goes to the Helping Spirit Lodge Society, Urban Native Youth Society, Indian Residential School Survivors Society, and the Salish Nation Trust.

If you’re looking for a good product in this dispensary, I recommend the majestic cannabis concentrate hash rosin produced by Medusa Botanicals. This mix of 4 different hash rosin, each one with 1 gram, is fantastic for vaping, dabs, or lining your joints. By not adding any solvents during the natural method of extraction, the rosin is produced through 2 minutes of pure pressure at a 73° Celsius (163.4° Fahrenheit) temperature, being safe and healthy to you.