Urb Live Resin: How Is It Used?

Urb Live Resin: How Is It Used?

Many cannabis concentrates are made from flowers that have been dried and treated the same way they would, if they were being marketed as the smokeable flower. Instead of packaging up the dried cured weed and selling it, the buds go through an additional process to extract all of the materials from the solid and transform them into a liquid.

Live resin isn’t dealt with that way. The flower for the live resin is grown to be used as resin. It isn’t dried or treated. The essence is processed from the fresh flower. The flowers instantly flash frozen after they’re collected to keep them at the top of freshness. They’re never dried or cured. They’re suspended in time until the day they end up being resin.

This procedure truly alters the game. When weed is extracted and cured, over half of its necessary oils go away. The terpenes responsible for producing the flavor and the aroma of the weed are halved by the time the weed gets to you. Avoiding the drying and curing steps ensures that the terpenes end up in the live resin, and bring about a wonderfully tasty smoking experience.

It’s way easier to get live resin

If you’re a normal person, you most likely don’t have the equipment necessary to make live resin in your home. It’s a really expensive investment to get into producing live resin, and it’s not worth putting the cash down unless you’re starting a live resin service. It’s a bit more costly than buying the bud, however, it’s less costly than purchasing your own live resin extraction configuration.

If you saw the summary of how live resin is made and assumed it was similar to the way butane hash oil is made, you’re right. And you should not be making butane hash oil at home, either. Butane is exceptionally combustible. If you make one small blunder, you can seriously harm or eliminate yourself and the people around you. You can melt your whole residence down. 

How is a live resin used?

Live resin stays fresher if it’s kept cold. Always store your urb live resin in the fridge with the top snugly protected. Just obtain what you need right before you prepare to use it. Never leave the container out or the lid off. If you fail to remember to place it back in the fridge or don’t close the container, it will deteriorate in quality and begin to harden. Ensure you put it away before you smoke so it doesn’t slip your mind once you begin.

It’s most likely not smart to smoke live resin out of a dish, a bong, or a paper. All of these techniques involve applying a fire straight to the live resin. The maker functioned so roughly to keep that cannabis cold for so long. They did you a favor by keeping all of those attractive terpenes. You’re going to ruin them if you superheat your live resin.

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