Why is CBD Good for Pets?

Why is CBD Good for Pets?

It is fairly common knowledge in the cannabis world that CBD can help a number of medical ailments, but one aspect that is much less recognized is that cannabidiol can actually assist your pets too.

Pet owners understand the saying that a pet is like a member of your family – not only do you want to love them and care for them, you also want to make sure that their health is top notch and that they are feeling their very best. Much as a number of diseases, medical conditions, and ailments can affect humans, many of these same conditions can also affect pets.

How does CBD affect Pets?

CBD helps to heal pets of challenging medical conditions, especially at times when medications are no longer providing results. Although not all would agree with this statement, there have been a lot of pet success stories thanks directly to CBD.

Is CBD safe for Pets?

More research needs to be conducted regarding the efficacy of CBD amongst pets and animals, but some studies have returned positive results, showing that cannabidiol could, indeed, generate assistance.

Mostly, there is a multitude of first hand accounts of CBD being influential for pets, considering the documentation of thousands of pet owners trying every option under the sun for their hurting pet, with the only thing returning results being cannabidiol. Non-processed marijuana, on the other hand, is extremely dangerous to pets and should not be administered by any means. CBD undergoes a special extraction process, so if you decide to give your pets cannabidiol, be sure to choose a certified non-psychoactive brand.

CBD for pet

Which diseases can CBD assist with?

There is a lot of crossover between humans and pets in terms of physiology and the medical conditions that can benefit from CBD. Most commonly, cannabidiol has helped them with phobia from noises, inflammation, trouble sleeping, anxiety, epilepsy, dizziness, and pain, and arthritis – just to name a few.

Contrary to use amongst humans, the dosage requirement for pets is much lower, and “people-sized” amounts should not be given to animals. Depending upon the size of the animal, it’s generally regarded that industrial hemp low-dosage CBD can be enough for your pet if administered on a regular schedule and a consistent, daily basis.

Your Responsibility:

Due to the ambiguity regarding CBD for pets, many owners simply trust their gut and decide to use the component, even if it is not actually prescribed by their veterinarian (because they cannot legally prescribe it). Most of the time, it becomes an option when another medication just is not working (and has not been working for a while), or if the owner simply does not want the dog exposed to chemicals and would prefer a better, more natural alternative.

Ultimately, what your pet consumes is your responsibility, because you are the caretaker for him or her. That is why it is vital to do your own research about CBD and how it affects pets. If you decide cannabidiol is the way to go, find a vendor that is not only reputable but also has received good reviews and is trustworthy.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Pets:

If you have been considering administering CBD to your pets and wanted to learn more information about this substance, or if you were simply curious whether or not CBD can help pets, then this article is for you. At the end of the day, it is important as a pet owner to trust your gut while still gaining education and information about your options, because ultimately you are responsible for your pets, and you get the final say when it comes to their health and well-being.

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