Budder vs. Shatter

Budder vs. Shatter

Shatter is a crystallized cannabis concentrate that is commonly made through butane extraction. At the same time, budder is the cannabis concentrate that is commonly made out of the nucleated extract. Shatter has a lot of terpene content, and it can hold more terpene because of the crystallization process. At the same time, nucleated extracts such as budder have a powerful fragrance because the terpenes are not encased in the matrix. Both can have a similar amount of cannabinoids and terpenes, but Shatter is more suitable for long-term use.


Budder is a concentrate that is waxy and typically uses propane or butane as an extraction solvent. The propane or butane helps in separating cannabinoids and other present compounds in the plant. The process of propane or butane extraction allows the compounds to concentrate and form an oil-like substance that later turns into a waxy compound which is the budder.

The oil concentrate is whipped after it separates from the plant and after the propane or butane has evaporated. The whipping causes the oil to be airy, resulting to a waxy compound. Budder, unlike Shatter, is malleable because it has high wax content.


Shatter is a glass-like and brittle cannabis concentrate made through butane extraction. The butane is mixed with the cannabis plant to strip off the present compounds such as cannabinoids using heat and pressure. After the cannabinoids and compounds separate from the solvent, it is put back under heat and pressure and wait for the butane to evaporate. The remaining substance will accumulate at the bottom of the vessel. The remaining cannabinoid and compounds are placed in a vacuum to solidify. The clear and brittle concentrate is the Shatter.

Shatter is one of the widest known cannabis concentrates in the world. Dab enthusiasts widely use shatter because of its potency and purity. There is also positive research about Shatters’ scientific and medical use, such as mood uplifting and pain-easing benefits.


Budder and Shatter use butane as extraction solvents, and their extraction does not necessarily differ from one another. In fact, only the last step of the process is different. Budder is whipped until wax consistency is achieved, and Shatter is put in a vacuum to solidify and crystalize. Budder and Shatter have high concentrations of THC, which make both of these psychoactive concentrates.


Propane can also be used as a solvent in the extraction process for Budder, while Shatter remains in the use of butane for many years now. The crystallization process that Shatter went through made it solid but brittles. Budder is whipped after the production process, which makes it softer and creamier than Shatter concentrate. Lastly, Shatter’s potency lasts longer than that of the Budder. Softer concentrates usually degrade quickly than solid ones.

Consumption of Budder and Shatter

Budder and Shatter can be consumable in different ways, such as dabbing, e-rigs, and potable vaporizing devices. You can break them into pieces so you can savor their psychoactive benefits. Lastly, Budder and Shatter can also be added to edible but only in limited amounts. These concentrates have an odor and cannabis plant flavor that may affect the quality of the edibles.