Here come new ideas for Custom Mylar Bags

Here come new ideas for Custom Mylar Bags

The custom mylar weed bags are now becoming a buzz on the eco-friendly. Although it’s an “eco-friendly industry”, it has been a sustainable industry up until recently. In a research, 74% of consumers said they would pay more for durable packaging. As an added benefit, by including your ecological awareness in your brand’s message, you’ll win the hearts of customers. Many business owners started to seek an option, and some have come to eco-friendly marijuana packaging. It’s an initial step to assist in reducing the environmental impacts. Wondering where to start or do not have ideas?


Returnable packaging

Returnable marijuana packaging and recyclable packaging is a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. This will work best for brands that have a considerable flow of goods with a decent variety of delivery factors.

By using returnable weed packaging bags or containers, you can dramatically reduce the impact on the environment. When your consumer ends up with the product, they can send it back to where they bought it. By then, you can collect, then reuse these marijuana packs after proper cleaning & disinfecting. When using a returnable design, you must think about making it collapsible too. 

Minimalist packaging design

How could a minimalistic design help reduce stress and anxiety in the environment, you might ask? Actually, by reducing materials, repaint & printing, you’re developing much less contamination. Also, easy yet effective packaging helps in capturing customers’ attention. Nowadays, we’re seeing increasingly more people looking for a specialist to look for their marijuana products. With cannabis packaging, you should make it mention the purpose of the product it holds while remaining simple and clean. Minimal design functions to emphasize the medicinal qualities of the cannabis it includes.


As both the industry grows and requirements, mono-material is the option for more eco-friendly marijuana packaging. These materials extract the requirement for product splitting up and the risks of tainting a recycling stream. This means that it’s making recyclability less complicated to achieve. Nevertheless, the use of mono-materials in other industries has been rather restricted. This is primarily due to its failure to achieve the same high protection barriers as a multilayer film. Since, these brands can just concentrate on using mono-material on low-moisture products, which fits cannabis products well. 

Biodegradable & compostable packaging 

This is clearly what pops into people’s minds when they first think about sustainable marijuana packaging. Because the majority of these packaging are plant-based or fossil fuel products, their end-of-life disposal is eco-friendly. In addition, it might provide the earth with nutrients once it is broken down. However, there is a condition, despite its benefits, that all compostable packaging needs to be examined carefully before being accepted. Most of those tests are to ensure its disintegration, biodegradation, and non-toxic impact, and how to throw them away in the right practice.

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